Conrad Fox


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For beginning reporters, it is often hard to remain skeptical during an interview. A person has just let you into their life and your natural reaction is to gush a little, or at least avoid seeming rude. This interactive interview simulator helps trainees remain detached and not lose sight of the story.


The Life of Ice

The life cycle of Arctic ice and how it is threatened by climate change. Produced for Mongabay. This accompanied an article I wrote about Arctic ice tipping points featuring interviews from some of the world's top experts on the subject.


Teachers often compare electricity to water. But why do you get water out of a hose when you connect one end to a tap, but you don't get electricity out of a single wire when you connect it to a battery? This video explains.

Hands-on Science

A wild hayride through the science and engineering curricula I have produced for Steamoji Academy and elsewhere. These projects are all entirely original, designed and tested from the ground up. (No Youtube ripoffs here!) I produced the videos, graphics, 3D design and sequencing of material myself.



Online English

When the pandemic hit, and we had to close our ESL academy in Mexico, I created an LMS and transferred our activities online, doing my best to recreate the warmth, dynamism and silliness of our in-person classes. It will never be the same, of course (you can't stand in a bucket with a banana on your head online), but students told us how friendly they found Halifax Academy Online.


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Pwoteksyon Bo Lanme

A Creole-language workshop on coastal resilience and climate change for Haitian journalists, feautring animated explainers, expert interviews and data that until now was unavailable in Haiti's national language.


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Planting marble trees on Mars

Meet Jasmine. She's just inherited her grandfather's marble plantation on Mars and she's excited to start her new life. But oh no! The marble planting machine is in pieces. Can you help her repair it and plant marble trees before the winter sandstorms arrive?



Participatory planning at a distance

This is a paper I wrote for the Algonquin College graduate certificate in Contemporary Practices in Education. It was an attempt to apply constructivist ideas to the development (and not just the content) of an upcoming course for Honduran community reporters.


I don't have blues

A song I wrote to teach the negative of "I have" to my students. They didn't get all the references, but they did get the grammar!